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It's been a while since I have sent any neighborhood watch information and I wanted to get any updates (concerns, comments, etc) that you all may have about our community. National Night out is coming up again http://www.cityofws.org/Home/Departments/Police/NeighborhoodWatch/Forms/NationalNightOutRegistration Tuesday, Aug 7th from 6 to 9. Last year was a great success with excellent participating neighbors bringing fun, games, and food to create a cheerful atmosphere. This year I would appreciate any helpful feedback on possible locations (local parks, same location as last year, etc). Food and drink signup sheet will be sent around via email as the date gets closer. Please let me know if you are attending and how many people that are coming with you. I will need to have a final location and expected attendance by June 30th.
As far as the previous emails pertaining to monthly crime rate occurrences happening in various districts the police department has discontinued these emails. Also, the City of Winston-Salem will host its Annual Citywide Neighborhood Conference. The theme for this year is "Shaping Our Communities Together”. The conference will be held Saturday, June 30, 2012 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Clock Towers on the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds. Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. Come be a part of this exciting event. There will be a host of city departments represented as well as local nonprofit agencies. All neighborhood groups are encouraged to attend. Tickets are required for lunch; to request your free tickets, please contact Twanda Montgomery at 336-397-7934 or twandam@cityofws.org.


Sayrd Price


Neighborhood Watch #173

Dear Neighborhood Watch #173 residents

Please see the excellent information below sent out by the Crime Prevention unit of the WS Police. There are also police officers going door to door in our neighborhood alerting people to the increased rate of break ins in our near by neighborhood.

Please be alert. See the tips below on how to recognize

• Suspicious Activity

• What to notice and observe

• How to report what you see, etc

If you have trouble seeing the attachment let me know.

We must be careful these days especially as the economy struggles AND as we approach the holidays. Many of us will be traveling and need to have our neighbors watch out for our homes.

Crime Prevention Information


The reason for the email is to inform you that the City of Winston-Salem has been experiencing a rise in house breakings, especially in District 1. Captain B. S. Blakley has requested this information be passed along to the NW Group Members in Beats 114 and 124, so that they are aware of the increase in house breakings in their area.
Based on the manner in which numerous breakings have occurred there could be more than one group of persons committing these breakings. If you see any suspicious activity or any suspicious vehicles in your neighborhood, please report it the police department immediately.
The attached information can also be downloaded from our website at WSPD.org, located in the Crime Prevention section, along with many other crime prevention tips, brouchures and handouts.If you need further information, please don't hesitate in contacting us in the Crime Prevention Unit at 336-773-7835.Thanks,Corporal M. K. CalcuttWinston-Salem Police DepartmentInvestigative and Support Services BureauCrime Prevention Unit725 N. Cherry St., PO Box 1707Winston-Salem, NC 27101336-773-7844(Desk)336-773-7995(Fax)mcalcutt@wspd.org

National Night Out Block Party

Date/Time: August 2nd, 2011 (6 – 9 pm)

Place: Radford Street

During the most recent neighborhood watch meeting we have decided that the Neighborhood Watch Group #173 will celebrate National Night Out with a Block Party located on the lower half of Radford Street. This is a chance for families and friends to come out to enjoy good food and fun activities while listening to good music. Each household attending should be self sufficient by bringing their own food and contributing an item to share (i.e. chips, salads, desserts, etc.). At least two grills have been volunteered to cook various items as needed. Adult activities will include a cornhole tournament, and children will be able to play with sidewalk chalk and water balloons. TV News coverage of the event will take place, so please invite your friends and family!

Provided Items: 2 grills, sidewalk chalk, cornhole boards, PA system
Needed Items: Water balloons, chairs, tables, blankets, anything else that would like to bring

The chairperson needs to register with the city no later than July 1st in order to receive free supplies from the city, so please mark Aug. 2nd on your calendar. Please let me know if you and your family/friends can attend ASAP. You must RSVP by July 1st to be admitted and allowed to participate in this year’s Block Party. In order to ensure there is variety of shared food items please inform the chairperson of the item you are bringing. An updated list of provided food will be routinely provided via mass email and on the website.


Mr. Sayrd Price





Upcoming meeting for National Night Out

Time: June 13th, 6:30 pm

Place: Reynolda Manor Branch Library

Topics to be discussed: National Night Out Aug. 2nd 6-9pm

We need your input! Please attend the meeting to help up plan for the upcoming National Night Out. The following is the current feedback and information given at the previous meeting.

- Ideas to think about: Close off half of Radford Street to allow access to Waterford. Have two or three grills going while neighbors bring their own family meats to be cooked and share casseroles provided by them. Kid activities such as sidewalk chalk and water balloons.

- Possible TV News coverage so invite your friends and family!

- Chairperson needs to register with the city no later than July 11th in order to receive free supplies, so please mark Aug. 2nd on your calender and let me know if you and your family/friends can attend asap.

Neighborhood Watch 173 Meeting Minutes 5/23

Topics Discussed:

- Reviewed crime stats, speed limit violators, commercial building noises, new neighbors, and pet noise disturbances.

- National Night Out Aug. 2nd 6-9pm

  • Ideas to think about: Close off half of Radford Street to allow access to Waterford. Have two or three grills going while neighbors bring their own family meats to be cooked and share casseroles provided by them. Kid activities such as sidewalk chalk and water balloons.

  • Possible TV News coverage so invite your friends and family!

  • Chairperson needs to register with the city no later than July 11th in order to receive free supplies, so please mark Aug. 2nd on your calender and let me know if you and your family/friends can attend asap.

  • Will need to meet at the library to ensure concrete plans - Tentative date will be June 27th (I will keep you posted if this changes)

- Thanks again to everyone's participation and special thanks to our new neighbor Cherri for providing refreshments at the meeting.

February 23rd Meeting Minutes:
- Making website more accessible and having crime statistics available with previous years for comparison.
- Discussed options for recent noise violation complaints.
- Unknown red truck speeding down Radford and taking photographs of residents’ house for unknown reason. Please be on the look out and contact chairperson and/or non-emergency police phone number.
- People going to residents homes asking to borrow money. Please do not give money.
- Speeding vehicle in the area. Please take precaution when running/walking on the side of the road. Report any activities of excessive speeding and reckless endangerment to the police. Specify license plate and accurate vehicle description.
- Speed limit signs need to be posted.
- Robbery at Shell gas station.
- Specifications on concealed weapon permits.
- National Night Out August 2nd. Suggestions for block party or gathering at Bethabara Park.

December 7th Meeting Minutes:

1. Reporting calls to the non-emergency (773-7700) and emergency (911) police phone lines

· Report any unusual sightings (i.e. unknown vehicle driving through neighborhood at night with headlights off).

· More information the better (Vehicle make. model, color, aftermarket parts - rims, etc.)

· You can remain anonymous just instruct the call receiver and/or officer no to come by your home for questioning.

. Give a phone number that they can contact you with updates of any actions taken.

· Reynolda businesses have been robbed previously so be on the lookout for any suspicious vehicles used for quick getaways.

· Contact the authorities if you see an unknown person knocking on neighbor’s front doors then going around to back doors.

· Noise violations are defined as loud sounds being heard from a residential building over 100 ft. away and a car 50 ft. away.

2. Holiday safety and crime prevention

· Have a friend or neighbor pickup mail and newspapers daily.

· When away for the holidays have interior lights plugged into timers set at various timers to avoid any possible patterns.

· Keep blinds closed to avoid criminals from seeing large gift purchases.

· When shopping at night park close to the store and at well lit areas.

· Carry you car keys in your hand when exiting the store to possibly use as a defense weapon (jabbing perpetrator in the face).

· Have your cell phone on and ready (it takes avg. of 10-15 sec. to activate when off).

· Hide your GPS, holder, and cord away from prying eyes.

· Avoid leaving gifts visible in your front and back seats for a prolonged amount of time.

· Create and file a Home Inventory Sheet listing items of value found in your home along with their make, description, serial #, etc.

The following items are available form the chairperson whenever needed:

- Crime Stoppers and Neighborhood Watch pamphlets

- Crime Prevention Tips Handouts

- Home Inventory Sheets



2011 Winston-Salem Neighborhood Watch Association Calendar of Events:

March 14............................................ DWI Traffic Stops (Corporal D.W. Mills)

May 9..................................................Physical Training (Sgt. Vince Rega)

July 11.............................................. Constitutional Law (Lori Sykes)

August 2 ...........................................National Night Out (TBD)

September 12 ...................................Internet Security (Detective Mike Saunders)

November 14 ...................................Terrorism Awareness (CPU)

- Neighborhood Watch Association meetings begin at 7:00 PM

- All meetings will be held at the Beaty Public Safety Training & Support Center (1200 N. Patterson Ave.)

- Anyone is invited and chairperson (Mr. Price) will attend all meetings pending any schedule conflicts.

Mission Statement:

To establish and maintain an association of neighbors who look out for each other’s families and property, alert the police to any suspicious activities or crimes in progress, and work together to make their community a safer place to live.


1. Application filed by W-S Crime Prevention Officer.

2. Crime Prevention Unit will assign official watch group number.

3. First meeting will be scheduled with crime Prevention Officer attending.

4. Continual meetings along with various community activities such as cookouts, national night out, etc.

Contact Numbers:

· Non-Emergency Police……………………………....................................................................………...773-7700

· Chairpersons (Mr. Sayrd and Mrs. Jillian Price)……….............................................................….…710-3913

Please contact me at your earliest convenience with any pertinent information that may need the attention of your fellow neighbors. If you see something suspicious occurring in the neighborhood, contact the non-emergency police phone number to request a patrol car to drive through the area. Even the small things can be of up most importance, try to remember details to help further any probable investigations.

Chairperson: Mr. Sayrd Price

  • Science / Social Studies Teacher for South Davie Middle

  • Married for over four years

  • Own two dogs (Brock and Jack)

  • Hobbies: Permaculture, Herpeculture, and Vintage Cars (prefer rat rods)

  • Earned a Bachelors of Science (Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Minor in Chemistry) from Appalachian State

  • Received my teaching licensure from UNC-Greensboro

  • Random fact: Won two consecutive years lip singing country music for the county talent show in elementary school

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